My name is Joaquin Verdusco.  I have been in the U.S since age 8.  I attended Frances Blend Elementary, Bancroft and graduated from John Marshall High in 1991.  I received an A.A degree in Child Development at LACC and a B.A in Child Development at Cal State L.A.  I completed the credential program at Cal Sate L.A in 2004.  I am currently not working in the education field, but I occasionally do volunteer work at Nevin Avenue Elementary.

I am the leader and representative for Mariachi Los pasajeros which mostly keeps me occupied during the weekends and I am a full time Dad of an extremely active toddler during the week.  I play the violin in the group and I am responsible for dealing with customers and making contracts for the group.   Sometimes it can be stressfull but I really enjoy doing what I do.  We get to travel a lot and meet lots of celebrities.


Graduation picture June 15, 2002    Joaquin and his two daughters Delia and Adriana Verdusco