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Mariachi Los Pasajeros
Mariachi Los Pasajeros begain in 1980 by Ruben Verdusco in the city of Los Angles.  The group consisted of two trumpets, one violin, vihuela and guitarron. The group performed in private events mainly by word of mouth recommendations. Joaquin Verdusco joined the group in 1985 but it was not until 1990 that he actually started getting paid as a full member. 

By 1995, Joaquin was chandelling most of the contracts and reservations. In 2002 Joaquin took full charge of the group increasing popularity not only by work of mouth but also by promoting the group via the internet. Ruben left the Mariachi Los Pasajeros and started a new group of his own with other family members. Mariachi Los Pasajeros is now composed of two trumpets, two violins, one guitarron and one vihuela.  Most of the group members are educated and hold weekday jobs aside from Mariachi performances.  Joaquin has improved the group by selecting members that are experienced musicians, but are also respectful and ethical human beings.  Mariachi Los Pasajeros is composed of Joaquin Verdusco (group representative & Violinist), Lucero Delgado (Violinist & Teacher), Arturo Salgado (Trumpet & Guitarron Player, also music teacher), Juan Perez (Trumpet Player), Adrian Perez (Trumpet Player), Tito Gomez (vihuela).  Mariachi Los Pasajeros is composed of young talented men and women.  We are the best live entertainment in Southern California for your up coming event, birthdays, weddings, 15 a´┐Żeras, serenade, company events and even funerals.  For bookings and additional information please call us at (323) 260 - 7745.

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