Mariachi Contracts
I Joaquin Verdusco leader of Mariachi Los Pasajeros, received the amount of $______ from ___________________ as deposit for ___ hour(s) of Mariachi music on __________.  The group will begin at __________ and finish at __________.  The group will be composed of ___ musicians dressed in their traditional Mariachi outfits.  The group will take a fifteen-minute break in between each hour.  A balance of $_________ will be paid in cash to the group leader at the termination of the contract.  Deposits are non-refundable in the event of a cancellation.  Thank you for your preference.

Group Leader,                                                       Total     $________
____________________                                      Deposit $________
Joaquin Verdusco                                                   Balance $________

Interested Party,

Date: ________________

           Tel-(    )                                   party House                     Directions to the event:
           Tel (     )                                  Cell
           Tel (     )    ________               Fax

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